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Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. We are not as anal as the postwar guys, no offence anyone! This resulted from a bustling economy, the growth of electric power, World War I defense production, and the end of German toy imports. Does anyone know of the s set still being produced in with the tabbed couplers? These freight cars are decorated with pictures of old catalogs, logos, and images of beloved classics.

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Similarly, the plan also called for the estate of the deceased Martin S. Let me know if i can be of any assistance. The year-old company had no choice if it was to remain competitive and the industry leader.

After a period of time of absence in the market, Gilbert American Flyer S gauge trains were no longer considered a direct competitor to Lionel's proportion O gauge trains. These sets feature enhanced sounds and long distance wireless control. Redirected from Lionel Trains. Lionel releases the ill-fated Super O track with plastic ties.

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Lionel products of this period included a stereo camera, the pastel-colored Lady Lionel train set, and trains with space age and Cold War themes. Anyway I doubt my dad mixed up anything in the set, so I think this could be a Lionel variation that wasn't reported, having a E and T tender. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. For Lionel, the future is indeed bright. To this day, Lionel markets American Flyer S gauge in limited quantities for the operator and collector markets.

Lionel trains dating


As with any collectible, condition and rarity are important in assessing value. So I would say that you don't have an original set, but probably still nice to have. They can get nasty zinc pest and are far too over priced and fragile to run. Several animated accessories appear, including the No.

  • Two popular accessories appear - the No.
  • These products include the Legacy equipped steam and diesel locomotives which are accurate and highly detailed scale models.
  • It deals with high end standard gauge.

That same year Lionel filed for bankruptcy. He has some Prewar info which is hard to find. Will try to find more info over the next week or two. The Anniversary Special train proves that the Lionel spirit lives on.


How to date a Lionel 1513s train set set question

Sites that cover a portion of the prewar era for one manufacturer, but not a comprehensive one like postwarlionel. Lionel engineers were busy too, and in the company unveiled a stunning array of milestone products. In order to proliferate Trainmaster Command Control as a standard, Lionel licensed it to several of its competitors, including K-Line. Lionel in the s was a company that had lost its founder and its bearings.

Are there any websites for identifying prewar Lionel trains

Order Ascending Order Descending. Lionel moves product distribution and operational headquarters to Concord, N. These sets are in the tradition of, and many are reproductions of, the entry-level sets of the classic Lionel era. Lionel manufactures this all-time classic accessory to this day. As in the past, the higher-end, talent limited run products tend to retain the highest collectible value for the future.

Lionel trains dating
Lionel trains dating

History of Lionel Trains

Most listings contain mistakes and leave out any useful tips ofr dating or identifying veriations. Some years are skipped but enjoyable to view and print out. Correction, I researched the old thread and it was rtraincollector who gave me the link. There are not any compilation prewar websites online. Cowen got endorsements from celebrities, and even started a Lionel radio show.

  1. Lionel introduces the Multi-Volt transformer and rheostat to control engine speed.
  2. The discussion page may contain suggestions.
  3. The set came with a powered A-unit, a non-powered B-unit, a non-powered A-unit, two coach cars, a dome car, and an observation car.
  4. Corporate headquarters is moved from Chesterfield, Mich.
  5. Member since September, posts.
  6. Lionel moves its years of American manufacturing to Korea and China.

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Maybe my grandfather wanted the set for his son but could not afford the whistling tender and the hobby shop owner swapped it out, as this set is from my dad. Phillyreading, I did some checking through Doyles Prewar book and the numbers you posted don't appear in the book. That year Lionel recreated its greatest steam locomotive, the No. My grandfather worked for the Reading Company as a building maintenance person and retired from the Reading Company.

This allowed collectors to walk around their layout while still being in control of their trains. All the documentation for sets that were led by the E don't show any of the components you have. The company continued marketing reproductions of its vintage equipment, and the trend towards producing new equipment that was ever-more-detailed continued. Anyway that might explain the lack of good prewar sites. This article may contain an excessive amount of intricate detail that may interest only a particular audience.

It introduced new features like whistle, bell, chugging, diesel roar, electro-couplers, and the ability to turn RailSounds on or of. Following a brief recession, Lionel entered an era of unprecedented growth. Hope this solves your quandry.

Are there any websites for identifying prewar Lionel trains? Its roots lie in the purchase of the Lionel product line from the Lionel Corporation by cereal conglomerate General Mills and subsequent purchase in by businessman Richard P. This year marks the Centennial of the Golden Spike as well as Lionel's demise as an independent corporation. Lionel trains are often sought by collectors, but the value of each piece can vary greatly. Lionel actually had its own television show, but the new medium soon mesmerized America, and interest in toy trains waned.

If you tell me the numbers on the other cars, I can give you dates of issue. The set was available in both and and all the components were identical in both sets. The type iv was only one listed with a W, mixxxer dating app where all the others listed just the T.

History of Lionel Trains

That told about the details when they were made and all the different versions. This series featured postwar trains, accessories, transformers, best and cars retaining postwar looks with the latest technologies. This article has multiple issues. Get a nice E which will still crush your wallet and run that.

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